Discover your most mystical side with Ismael Cala

Travel to Costa Rica and meditate with Ismael Cala

Live 4 Days in this natural paradise

Under the name of "Conéctate Contigo" (“Connect with Yourself”), an inspirational meeting will be held in Costa Rica at the spiritual formation temple "La Montaña Azul" (“The Blue Mountain”), from March 22 to 26, 2017. A gathering that perfectly combines well-being and nature in order to guide you in introspection and help you reconnect with your inner self.

Reconnect with Yourself

It will be an unforgettable meeting in which you’ll have the privilege of sharing your experiences with Ismael Cala in a private dinner with him, and you'll also meet other great orators, as you nourish yourself with the positive energy that emanates from the superb landscapes of this paradise. More information about the meeting here.

Help us build a better world

With your entry, you’ll have the opportunity of being the protagonist of this incredible experience, and you will also be supporting the Ismael Cala Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes leadership and vocational guidance among children and young people from Latin America.


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Участвуйте и вы получите: билет, чтобы выиграть лотерею, гарантированный приз и помощь тем, кто в этом нуждается. Все сразу! Удачи!
10 билет/ов
With your entry, you’ll receive an E-Card signed by Ismael Cala.
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You deserve a double prize. Ismael Cala wants to express his gratitude sending you a video and a signed E-Card.
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Immerse yourself in the world of self-fulfillment and self-improvement with these two e-books written by Ismael Cala: “EsCala a otro nivel” and “Lecciones de vida”.
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We are grateful for your involvement, you’ll receive the book “La vida es una piñata” signed by Ismael Cala and his meditation album “7 llaves”.
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Attend online the premiere of the masterclass that will take place in 03-2017, you'll also get the e-books "EsCala a otro nivel" and "Lecciones de vida" plus the digital album "7 llaves".
875 билет/ов
Telephone conversation with Ismael Cala, plus the e-books “EsCala a otro nivel” and “Lecciones de vida” and the downloadable album “7 llaves”.
10 осталось!
1775 билет/ов
A video call with Ismael Cala in which you will see each other and talk for a while, you will be able to ask him all your doubts.
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4500 билет/ов
Private and personal online coaching session in which Ismael Cala will guide you through the path of personal growth and introspection. Duration: 45”.
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9500 билет/ов
Experience the life of Ismael Cala in first person. Spend one day in Miami with him. Date to be agreed by both parties.
  • Minimum 18 years old for participation.
  • Once the data for booking airline tickets and accommodation is provided, it cannot be modified.
  • Shuttle Service: from “San José” to “La Montaña Azul” (round trip).
  • The random drawing will be carried out on March 03 at 11:00AM (GMT+1) by an independent third party, the winner will be informed today by e-mail and also published in our social networks.
  • Donation gifts will be shipped at the end of the campaign, within 4-8 weeks after the closing date and may be sent in different packages.
  • The shipping costs will be charged at the time of shipment and to the same payment method used for the purchase of the perk. The maximum amount per shipment will be 15€.
  • The winner and their companion will have to pass a security check before meeting Ismael Cala.
  • Both the video call and the phone call will last 10 minutes and the date/time will be agreed considering the preferences of both parties.
  • The online coaching session will last 45 minutes and the date/time will be agreed considering the preferences of both parties.
  • One Day with Ismael Cala will take place in Miami, the date will be agreed by both parties. Transportation and accommodation are not included.
  • To participate in the sweepstake without making a donation, send the information mentioned here by certified mail. The letter has to arrive before the closing date of the campaign.
Discover your most mystical side with Ismael Cala