Официальные правила

In force since March 1st, 2016.


BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC. is the company who owns the SITE.

DATA. Any information submitted by USERS and subject to BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC. Privacy Policy .

CANCELLATION. PRIZE dates may be subject to change. No responsibility is assumed by BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC. for cancellation of any event or unavailability of a celebrity or other circumstances beyond BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC.’s control; in the event of such cancellation or unavailability after the travel has been booked, the remainder of the trip will be awarded as the complete PRIZE.

DISCLAIMER: Means the exclusion of RELEASED ENTITIES from any and all liabilities for injury, loss or damage caused or claimed to be caused by participation in any SWEEPSTAKE and/or the acceptance, awarding, receipt, use and/or misuse of any PRIZE, and PARTICIPANTS agree that RELEASED ENTITIES are not responsible for any warranty, representation, or guarantee, expressed or implied, in fact or in law, relating to any SWEEPSTAKE and/or the awarding of any PRIZE, except as expressly set forth in the RULES.

DISPUTE. Means any dispute, claim, and cause of action arising out of or in connection with any SWEEPSTAKE, or any PRIZE awarded between PARTICIPANTS and BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC. to be resolved as per the procedures set forth in the BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC. TERMS OF SERVICE.

TICKET. Means the chance to win a SWEEPSTAKE.

EXCLUDED COUNTRIES. Means any place where, subject to all applicable laws, the offering of sweepstakes or the awarding of a prize is prohibited (i.e. Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and the Province of Quebec).

EXCLUDED COSTS. Means the costs to be borne by the WINNERS. The WINNER is the solely responsible for the payment of all federal, state and local taxes and all additional meals, beverages, transportation or other expenses or costs relating to the PRIZE, that are not expressly set forth in SWEEPSTAKE PAGE and/or in these RULES. A major credit card will be required at the hotel check-in to cover any incidental expenses. WINNERS and travel companions must have all necessary photo ID, passports, or other documents required for air travel, and must travel on the same itinerary. The WINNER’s travel companion, if any, will be required to sign a liability/publicity Release (where legal) prior to ticketing. Any WINNER or other person taking part in the trip who is a minor under the laws of his/her place of residence must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian who also must sign all documents on behalf of the minor.

EXCLUDED PARTICIPANTS. Means any entity to whom PARTICIPATION is forbidden. EXCLUDED PARTICIPANTS are employees, officers or directors of BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC. and the SWEEPSTAKE ENTITY.

NON TRANSFERABILITY. PRIZES are non-transferable, and no cash alternative or PRIZE substitution will be allowed, except in BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC.’s sole discretion. A substitute may be awarded if any PRIZE listed becomes unavailable for any reason.

ODDS. Means the odds to win a SWEEPSTAKE. The ODDS of winning in any SWEEPSTAKES depends on the number of eligible TICKETS received for the relevant SWEEPSTAKE.

PARTICIPANT. Any USER who holds a TICKET for any SWEEPSTAKE during the SWEEPSTAKE PERIOD. PARTICIPANTS must be at least 16 y.o. and, if under legal age of majority, must hold parental approval. BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC. may require to prove such approval before validating any WIN.

PRIZE. Means the prize to be awarded in the relevant SWEEPSTAKE (TRAVEL PRIZE or OPPORTUNITY). PRIZES usually are an opportunity to meet a celebrity, to attend a special event, or to participate in a similar activity. The PRIZE consists of a round-trip coach class air transportation between the major airport near the WINNER’s primary residence, as reasonably determined by BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC., and the destination city; hotel accommodation for the specified number of nights in standard accommodations, double-occupancy, as selected by BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC.; plus the activity/event/experience specified in the SWEEPSTAKE PAGE. If the WINNER cannot attend an event on the date(s) specified in the prize description (or as otherwise specified by BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC.), the PRIZE will be forfeited and may be awarded to an alternate WINNER, if time permits. The actual value may vary depending on the departure city and destination cities, dates of travel, and fluctuations in airfares. BidAway will, at its sole discretion, determine the airport of departure and arrival, taking into account the destinations that each airport can offer, availability, frequency of departures, etc. If the WINNER lives within 400 km of the destination city, ground transportation may be provided instead of air travel. Any difference between the actual and advertised value will not be awarded.

PRIZE RULES. Means the suite of rules governing any SWEEPSTAKE for the purpose to award and enjoy the PRIZE.

REFUNDS. Means the chance to be refunded in case the PARTICIPANT have made an error in making the donation or have changed idea about donating. REFUNDS requests will be honored to the extent the REFUND request is received by BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC. within (5) days from the date USER have made the payment and to the extent the SWEEPSTAKE PERIOD is not expired. REFUNDS must be addressed to customerservice@bidaway.com. REFUNDS will be made using the same payment method used by the USER to receive the TICKET.

RELEASED ENTITIES. Means BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC. and its subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, employees, directors, and agents, including advertising agencies, as well as the SWEEPSTAKE ENTITY, and any named prize provided.

REWARD. Means the possible reward (not part of the SWEEPSTAKE) that a PARTICIPANT can receive for making donations larger than the basic donation amount. Details of each REWARD will be listed on the SWEEPSTAKE PAGE. However, the product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product. 

RIGHTS TO INSPECT AND VARY WINNERS. Means the right of BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC. to verify the identity and the background of each PARTICIPANT. In the event of a DISPUTE as to the identity of the PARTICIPANT, any online entry will be deemed submitted by the authorized account holder of the e-mail account provided to BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC., at the time of entry and/or registration, provided such account holder must still meet the eligibility requirements for the applicable SWEEPSTAKE. The authorized account holder shall be the natural person to whom the applicable e-mail address has been assigned by the Internet access provider, service provider, or other online organization responsible for assigning email addresses for the domain associated with the submitted e-mail address. BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC. may also conduct a background check to confirm any potential WINNER’s eligibility and compliance with the SUITE OF RULES. By entering in any SWEEPSTAKE, PARTICIPANTS automatically agrees to cooperate with any such background check. Failure to cooperate may result in disqualification and selection of an alternate WINNER. If the PRIZE includes the opportunity to meet a celebrity, attend a special event, or participate in any similar activity, or if BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC. intends to publicize the WINNER in any way, and if a background check reveals that a potential WINNER (or guest) has engaged in a conduct that could damage the reputation or business of BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC., as determined by BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC. in its sole discretion, the potential WINNER may be disqualified and the PRIZE may be awarded to an alternate WINNER, if time permits.

RULES. Means these general rules governing the SWEEPSTAKES.

SITE. Means the website www.bidaway.com that hosts the SWEEPSTAKES.

SUITE OF RULES. Means the suite of rules (TERMS OF SERVICE, RULES, PRIZE RULES) the USERS unconditionally accept and agree to comply with. In the event of any conflict between the rules forming the SUITE OF RULES the most specific rules shall prevail on the general ones.

SWEEPSTAKE. Means any sweepstake/prize posted on SITE by a charitable organization with the purpose to raise money.

SWEEPSTAKE AWARD. Means the process to select the potential WINNER among all the PARTICIPANTS. Usually the SWEEPSTAKE AWARD will occur within approximately ten (10) days after the end of the applicable SWEEPSTAKE PERIOD. Each potential WINNER will be notified via telephone and/or email using the contact information supplied before receiving the TICKET. The notification will include instructions to contact BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC., to provide the name, address or other information that may be necessary to complete validation of eligibility and delivery of the PRIZE. If a potential WINNER is a minor in his/her jurisdiction of residence, BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC. reserves the right to award the PRIZE to the potential WINNER’S parent or legal guardian, who must also sign all documents on behalf of the minor. No liability is assumed for any WINNER notification that is lost, intercepted, or not received by a potential winner for any reason. If a potential WINNER does not reply within forty eight (48) hours after the first notification attempt, or if the PRIZE or PRIZE notification is returned as unclaimed or undeliverable to such potential WINNER, such potential WINNER may be disqualified and an alternate WINNER may be selected. If a potential WINNER is found to be ineligible, or has not complied with the SUITE OF RULES or declines a PRIZE for any reason prior to award, such potential WINNER will be disqualified and an alternate WINNER may be selected.

SWEEPSTAKE ENTITY. Means the ultimate beneficiary of the SWEEPSTAKE, including its respective parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, or any advertising or promotion agencies involved in the SWEEPSTAKE.

SWEEPSTAKE ENTRY BY DONATION. USERS receive one TICKET every EUR 5 donated. Donations are limitless. Donations larger than EUR 10 may receive a REWARD, if provided for by the PRIZE RULES.

SWEEPSTAKE ENTRY BY MAIL. Free TICKETS are available for free. In order to receive one free TICKET the USER must send a letter by registered mail to BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC. 333 Bush Street, Suite 2020. San Francisco, CA 94104. The letter must include a short paragraph explaining why the USER should win the SWEEPSTAKE as well as the following requirements (a) name and surname; (b) email; (c) birth date mm/dd/yy; (d) signature and (e) the name of the SWEEPSTAKE specified on the back side of the envelope. USER will receive one TICKET for every correct letter received by BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC. BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC. does not assume any responsibility for lost, delayed, incomplete or illegible letters.

SWEEPSTAKE ENTRY BY REFERRAL. Means the possibility reserved to PARTICIPANTS to obtain additional bonus TICKETS by posting the link indicated in the SWEEPSTAKE PAGE in their social media feeds. At the moment SWEEPSTAKE ENTRY BY REFERRAL is available only for Facebook and Twitter. PARTICIPANTS can obtain up to thirty (30) additional TICKETS. Ten (10) if the SWEEPSTAKE is shared via Facebook, ten (10) if the SWEEPSTAKE is shared via Twitter, and thirty (30) TICKETS if the SWEEPSTAKE is shared in both social networks.

SWEEPSTAKE’S PAGE. Means any page of the SITE containing SWEEPSTAKE’S details (i.e.: SWEEPSTAKE ENTITY, SWEEPSTAKE PERIOD, PRIZE, additional rules for the SWEEPSTAKE, etc.).

SWEEPSTAKE PERIOD. Means date and time (Pacific Time U.S. – San Francisco) of begin and end of any SWEEPSTAKE. BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC.’s database computer is the only official timekeeping device for the SWEEPSTAKES.

TERMINATION OF SWEEPSTAKE. BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC. reserves the right to suspend, modify or terminate any SWEEPSTAKE prior to end of SWEEPSTAKE PERIOD if believes, in its sole discretion, that malfunction, error, disruption or damage is impairing or will impair the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of the SWEEPSTAKE. In such case BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC. will attempt, to the extent possible, to award the PRIZE among the eligible and unaffected PARTICIPANTS.

TERMS OF SERVICE. Means the terms of service governing the use of the SITE.

WINNER. Means the PARTICIPANT to whom a PRIZE is awarded pursuant to SWEEPSTAKE AWARD. WINNERS grant BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC. to use name, photograph or suchlike, voice, biographical information, statements and address (city and state) for advertising and/or publicity purposes, worldwide and in all forms of media now known or hereafter developed, in perpetuity, without further compensation, except where prohibited by law.

WINNERS LIST. Means the list containing the first name, last name’s initial, nickname, city and/or state of all WINNERS that will be available on the SITE, at BIDAWAY INTERNATIONAL INC.’s sole discretion, for at least ninety (90) days after the end of the applicable SWEEPSTAKE PERIOD.