Winner Experience: Tommy Robredo's custom racket

The charity event took place on June 3, the sweepstake was presented along with other campaigns like the signed boots of Leo Messi or the gloves of Claudio Bravo, in which participants could only enter through bidaway.com. Gorka was so happy to receive the customized racket of his idol Tommy Robredo, a racket of great emotional value for him, since Robredo played with it from July to December 2015. As you can see in the photo, Gorka is a huge fan of the tennis player since he started his career in the world of tennis, so you can imagine the reaction he had when we told him that he was the winner.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the parts of our job that we like the most. We confess that we enjoy announcing the winners, but we are even happier when we know that the winner is a true follower of the protagonist of our experiences, as is the case of Gorka.

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Tommy Robredo’s racket can be yours!
  • Charity sweepstake!
  • The racket that Tommy Robredo used during the season from July to December 2015
  • Shipment of the racket will be by post
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