Winner Experience: Meet Lorena Gómez at the grand finale of Tu Cara Me Suena

Sofia, a biggest supporter of Lorena Gómez and the show, became the finale winner of the charity sweepstake supporting the Carreras Foundation and their fight against Leukemia. On this date, Sofia and her partner, Noe, had a privilege of traveling to Barcelona and having breakfast with Lorena at the hotel where the celebrity was staying at the morning before the grand finale. During the two hours together, they shared laughs, conversation and moments that Sofia would never forget

Later that evening, Sofia along with her partner, Noe, were able to enjoy the Grand Finale of Tu Cara Me Suena. This was an unique experience for both since it was their first time seeing the show in person. It was even more special for Noe, who is deaf, because this is the first time that she was able to feel the vibration of the loudspeakers on set.

How was the encounter with Lorena Gómez and having breakfast with her?
"It was wonderful. She is very nice and very normal. We thought that it would be a short time because she had to rehearse, but in the end, the breakfast lasted almost 2 hours. There was time to talk about many things, especially how she had been preparing for the final show. Everyone treated us nicely, starting from you, who made this experience possible, to Lorena, the hotel, and the TV workers."
How did you live the final show of Tu Cara Me Suena?
"It was very exciting and full of great moments. Everything happened so fast. At the end of the show, Lorena came to greet us. She gave us two kisses and a hug and made the signs of “thank you” and “difficult”, signs that Noe taught her that morning during breakfast."
Anything you want to say to the whole BidAway family?
"This experience was unique and we’ll never forget it. I never thought I was going to win, but when I saw my name, I thought: these things really happen, and I have to enjoy it to the fullest since this will only happen to me once in a lifetime. Again, thanks to BidAway and Lorena for letting us enjoy and share that time with Noe and me."

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Meet Lorena at the grand finale of ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’
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  • 2 VIP tickets to watch the grand finale
  • Meet Lorena + pictures with her
  • Round trip to Barcelona for 2 people + transfer to the TV show
  • 1 night in a luxury hotel for 2 people
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